KiteLife is for the smoker that likes to be fashionable and discreet when displaying that they're part of the Mary Jane fan club. Since miller already used "high life" we figured "Kite Life"  would suffice, plus it was more discreet, considering most people automatically assume we're talking about actual kites :D.

We felt that the Rastafarian colors, weed plants and pot leaf symbols were to plain and cliche to say the least. Not to mention that a shirt with pictures of giant paraphernalia or something that blatantly says I'm a smoker draws the wrong type of attention.

So we decided to create KiteLifeCo. as a way to display our passion & enjoyment for the lifestyle & culture.

To keep with the theme "high as a kite" which is where the idea originated we have chosen to reefer to customers as "high flyers". 

KiteLifeCo. "It's not style, It's a LifeStyle" (by purchasing you are agreeing that your are smoking adult ages 18 years or older.)

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